Anthea learning to be a trick chick

Anthea learning to be a trick chick

Anthea ISA Brown hen

I went outside today to wipe down something with a moist wad of paper towel. Anthea was standing on the front doormat; she jumped up and snatched the paper towel from my hand and ran off with it in her beak. I can foresee the day when we will have a tug o’war over something!

Since she was obviously looking for a bit of mental stimulation I decided to try teaching her a trick. Effie has been quite accomplished at her card trick, so I thought I would teach Anthea something different. I put a piece of chicken kibble under a plastic cup, and when she pecked the cup I let her have it. I then added a second cup, then a third. She pecked the correct cup every time, even after I mixed them up and moved them around quite quickly. Admittedly they were clear plastic cups and she could probably see the kibble, but the speed with which she grasped what she was supposed to do and the lack of mistakes was quite remarkable.

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