Back in the Pen

Back in the Pen

Anthea ISA Brown

Again it’s been too long since I have posted. This is largely due to two factors: 1) One of my cats peed on my Henpen paperwork, including my admin password, and 2) I have been too overwhelmed by my day job. The day job is no longer an issue, and the cat has been spoken to severely.

Much has happened in the hen pen since I last blogged. I lost another chook, although it wasn’t unexpected as it was when I lost Melissa the Wyandotte. Old Cyclops went to the chicken coop in the sky a few weeks ago. I estimate that she would have been around six years old, and she was starting to show her age. One night she was unable to make it to the coop in the evening, so we gently placed her inside in the straw and that night she quietly left us. I miss her one-eyed stare.

Chickens need companionship, so it was off to the pet shop to buy another chicken. I so enjoyed watching the poor pet shop lady chase around the pen with me saying “not that one, I want THAT one! Oops, no, you missed her again. Quick, she’s in the corner, the red and white one!” (They were all red and white.)

Finally the selected chicken was cornered and boxed. Anthea is an ISA Brown hybrid, and is a deep red colour with lots of white accents. Despite dire warnings from the pet shop lady that Effie would probably tear the new chicken’s head off, remarkably few feathers flew. After a couple of days ¬†Effie and Anthea were already the best of buds. Since they were sourced from the same farm they could even be related for all I know!

They are partners in crime, and like nothing better to hang out on the front porch crapping all over the welcome mat and begging for food. Except perhaps plotting raids on my strawberry plants.

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