Breaking News: Fowl Play

Breaking News: Fowl Play

In the small hours of the morning, a gang of four desperadoes let loose a chicken in McDonald’s at Thomastown. The hapless hen was shooed outside by staff. The staff then called the police to come and pick her up, as she was, in the time-honoured tradition of chickens, attempting to cross the road and therefore guilty of jaywalking.

Once installed at the police station, instead of being charged, the chicken was seconded to the force and granted the rank of First Officer Nugget. Her duties consisted largely of clucking, being patted, and crapping all over the counter.

A second chicken was released by the gang into a BP shop at Bundoora at 5 am, after which they flew the coop (don’t blame me! That’s what they said on the news!).

Three hens were missing from a  local primary school. Someone soon put two and two together, and the hens were reunited with the children. It wasn’t revealed where the third hen was found; probably indulging in a bit of road-crossing somewhere.

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