Pecking Order

It’s been a long, long time since I added a post to this blog, for which I must apologise. I have not been suffering from poster’s block, only from being technologically challenged. Anyway, I have made the decision to press on regardless and fiddle with the site as I go.

Since I last posted, the chicken population at my place has increased to three. The latest addition is Melissa, a buff coloured Wyandotte hen. Her introduction to the coop was not without incident, as Effie made sure that everybody knew just who was boss right from the start. This involved a great deal of flapping and pecking and chasing, and culminated in Effie actually sitting on Melissa’s head for an entire night.

Any overtures of friendship that Melissa made towards Cyclops were immediately thwarted by Effie descending on her like an avenging demon. Since Effie paid almost zero attention to Cyclops before Melissa arrived on the scene, I found that surprising.

However, I’m happy to report that the dust has since settled and harmony reigns.

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