The Chicken and the Blue Monster

It’s been raining a lot at home today. When the weather’s foul, there’s usually a fowl on my front porch, frequently fouling the front doormat. I look up from the computer every so often to see Effie glaring at me through the glass sliding door.

At some point in the afternoon I decided to make use of the pouring rain by sponging the mud off the lower panels on my car. Sensibly, I dug out my blue plastic rain poncho and pulled it on, hood and all, before braving the elements.

I hadn’t even reached the car when there was a terrible squawking behind me. I turned around to see Effie flapping hysterically and running from one side of the porch to the other. It seems she thought she was being trapped on the porch by a hideous blue monster.┬áThe stiff plastic makes a sinister swishing sound with every movement, and doesn’t contour to my body, so with the hood up I must look like some┬ákind of bat-winged, two-legged monster to a chicken.

Nothing says “panic” quite like an hysterical chicken. I had to go back inside to let my chicken chook run back to her coop so that I could get on with what I went outside for in the first place.

Effie’s demeanour towards me later in the day was normal, so I guess she had no idea the blue monster was me. Or maybe she did, but decided to forgive me when I arrived at the hen pen with food.

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