Welcome to the Hen Pen

Welcome to the Hen Pen

Welcome to the Hen Pen. In this blog I hope to deal with the really big issues – life, the universe, and chickens. When I told this to my partner, he was stunned by the scope of my intentions. Life and the universe you may be able to cover, he said. But chickens – that’s really, really big.

By way of introduction, I share my life with two chickens, Cyclops and Effie.  Cyclops is an ISA Brown ex-battery hen. Effie is a white Leghorn cross and a newer addition to the coop, but is number one in the pecking order. ( Not very impressive to put on the chicken CV as pecking orders go, being just the two of them. ) Cyclops is a veteran egg layer and Effie is just commencing her career.

Why blog about chickens? I had considered concentrating on food – I mean, everyone likes food, but there are just too many good food bloggers out there. So instead of a cookbook, this blog will be my chook book. There may be entries on the vegetable garden from time to time, if I can think of a way to stop the chickens trashing it.

And how does the subject of chickens relate to life and the universe? Well, how does it not? Is not one of the most puzzling philosophical questions of our, or any other, time, the conundrum of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”?

Perhaps more on that in the future.

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